Tuesday, September 28, 2010

EDUCATION: Blended Intelligent Training and Education (BITE)

Blended Intelligent Training and Education (BITE)

Make sure you have at least one "Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster" (Adams, 1952) or preferable as many as possible without ending up in Lala-space (surely a very likely space that's an outcome of "elasticated string-theory" (Pratchett, 2010)), before you even consider the infinitesimal - yes extremely unlikely - possibility of reading on! For those that do: be prepared for the unexpected!


I've thought hard and long, about 5.39124(27)x10-44 seconds (that's called Planck time for those that want to do a bit of research on this number) about reading - oops writing - this paper. I have no - I'll repeat - NO - intention to be serious in any shape or form, except for those occasions where seriousness can't be avoided, and I'll do my utmost best to avoid them for the sake of human existence and survival of our species. If you're still reading, then somehow I've caught your attention and it's time to start adding some knowledge transfer into this text, as this text is all about the art and science of transferring knowledge and skills in new and hopefully somewhat challenging and thought provoking ways. Personally I believe that education as we know it, is about to receive its biggest shakeup we've seen (or actually not seen, but should have seen) in the last century or so! Being somewhat sensitive to the many educational "omens" that seem to float in the air around me, and poke me in the back when I'm not paying enough attention to them, the signs are clear: this article wants, no even better, demands to be written.

Past: The era of lemmings!

I guess from the early 1900s until the 1950s/1960s most educational systems would submerge (feel free to read drown/suffocate) their students into a drone, military-style like system, where you would sit, pay attention, somehow absorb the materials and keep your mouth zipped. The teacher/educator/lecturer was Om (The God of all Gods) on his/her throne and "deserved" utmost respect from their loyal students (feel free to read "fear 'motivated' slaves"). Questioning the skills, knowledge and/or attitude of Om would be blasphemy, or at least a "crime" to which death was the only penalty that would lead to your salvation. Yeah, I know, I'm exaggerating just a wee bit, but I hope it's getting the message across. It wasn't all that bad, and I'm sure 'most' students survived their educational journey with quite some knowledge and skills sledge-hammered into their brains, ready to conquer the world. A large chunk of knowledge, skills and attitude transfer was uni-directional (including attributes like values, respect, rights and responsibilities) moving down from Om to its army of trustworthy followers. Surely, some type of resistance was to be nothing more than expected. The time of being a lemming, being drilled for 12 hours a day, was soon to become history, something that happened to others in the past.

Present: Chaos rules!

Future: The student decides!


What is BITE?

Emotional intelligence (EQ)

ICT's critical role

From teacher to coach/mentor

Engagement is key!



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  1. Hello I m am very interested about yours videos on YouTube concerning ITIL. I would like to know if there is a support like a pdf for example to follow the entire of this course and take some notes.

  2. Want to thank you for your ITIL videos which were invaluable in helping me study for my ITIL foundation exam. Luckily I managed to get through them all JUST before they were removed from YouTube. Do you know why they were deleted?